Create better Real Estate Appraisal in less time

Evalo, Software for Property Valuation Business, is robust and meticulously designed to save your time at every step. It is revealed in our mobile and web applications which are used to collect property details from the site by the field engineer and report preparation (Maker & Checker) in your office by the operator & reviewer/approver.

It’s Data Entry shortcuts and Drop Downs to reduce error & rework, Dedupe Functionality to replicate Valuations into various Formats to reduce effort, Valuation Comparables to Strengthen your Opinion, Structured Data stored in your server to comply with your Client’s NDA, and so much more.

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What makes it easy

evalo was conceptualized and designed to manage the below functions automatically & more efficiently than the conventional systems.

Time Management

Simplified processes and standardized operations will result in saving time for the team..

Risk Management

Opportunity and Risk come in pairs. Higher the process controls higher is the ability to scale up business.

Report Management

It’s pain to follow multiple bank formats. Standardise your own format for internal data collection and allow evalo to automatically customise the report to your client format.

Data Management

Healthy data will make you wealthy. Cloud based data management system ensure data is stored appropriately and securely.

Team Management

They are our backbone. Understanding their performance will help you reward the real performers and decide on non-performers..

Client Management

Client expectations are changing dynamically. The “ahead of time” 5 stage engagement models keeps your client updated on a real time basis.